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Shin Splints what to do when running hurts

At the first sign of pain in the shins, stop your activity. Trying to exercise through the soreness will only aggravate the condition and cause it to worsen.

Immediately massage the area with ice to reduce inflammation and irritation. The ice acts like a quick-acting, anti-inflammatory medication.

For pain relief and help to decrease the swelling, a physio or doctor may suggest taking ibuprofen

Do not apply heat to the area. Shin splints are an inflammatory condition, and heat will only irritate the area even more.

Healing time can be as little as two to three weeks cut back on your exercise and begin aggressive self-help measures.

Shin splints may be avoided with some common sense measures:

  • Replace or repair exercise shoes that are worn down to the heels. Switch to well-fitting shoes with plenty of impact-absorbing material in the forefoot and heel area.

  • Warm up before running by first walking, then gradually increasing your speed to a jog.

  • When you raise your heart rate and lightly perspire, stop and stretch your calf muscles with a wall stretch. One way to stretch out tight calf muscles and Achilles tendons after warming up is to walk slowly on your heels for 100-200 yards.

Whenever you go for a run or walk, do it on dirt, grass, cinder or a rubberized track to minimize shin trauma.

Strengthening Exercises

  • Get someone to hold down your feet which are flat on the ground. With resistance on your toes, have push toes up.

  • Draw each letter of the alphabet with the big toe of each foot in the air rotating foot for 1min.

  • Standing Calf Raise – Use a step and hold wall push up and down on your toes for 30secs to a 1min

  • Sitted jog – Sit on Fitball and tap feet up and down keeping heels on ground just lift toes for 1min.

  • Walking down steep hills. Repeat 1-2 times

  • Walking on toes. 1min to 3mins

  • Walking on heels. 1min to 3mins

  • With socks off, gather up a towel that is flat on the floor, using only the toes. Repeat 2-3 times

  • Pick up marbles using the toes. Try 5 -10 times

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