Roddy Large reviewed Rock Fitness – 5 star

I have just finished a 5 week course with Barry. I have to say I am amazed at what i have achieved in those 5 weeks.
Barry somehow manages to convert tough kettlebell/TRX/Circuits into fun and enjoyable experiences. Ill admit I found everyone of them tough, however I always left class looking forward to the next one.
The support doesn't just end after the class finishes. Barry emails weekly meal plans and is always on hand to provide feedback and advice on any issues that you may have regarding either exercise or nutrition.
I started this 5 week bootcamp in order to lose a bit of weight, but now that it has finished I want more. With Barrys help and encouragement i have completely changed my lifestyle. 
I feel much better for it and would encourage anyone, no matter what size they are or what level of fitness they are at, to give this course a try.

Teresina Large reviewed Rock Fitness – 5 star

Just completed the 5 week bootcamp and I am so pleased with the results. I started the bootcamp in preparation for my wedding next month and I hit my weight loss target with ease. The nutrition plan was so easy to stick to and everything tasted great and you never felt hungry. Eating healthy is usually my weakness but not this time. I always looked forward to the classes as Barry varied every class and is great to keep you motivated. I cannot say I enjoyed the middle of the classes because Barry makes sure you don't slack and quite literally work your butt off!! The classes have a great atmosphere and everyone works together as a team which is a far cry from the atmosphere in a regular gym. During the 5 weeks Barry brought us for an extra bonus beach class on a Saturday morning. It was great to see how the exercises we do in class can be adapted to the outdoors too. Throwing in these extra classes and the mountain runs every Sunday just go to show how dedicated Barry is to what he does. He has even given us a plan for the two weeks when he is on holidays to make sure we stay focused and don't undo everything before the wedding. It's been one day and I already miss the routine and atmosphere of the classes. I'd have laughed in your face if you told me I'd miss exercising 5 weeks ago! I better get working on this home plan and cannot wait to start the next batch of classes in two weeks.

Dorothy Farrelly reviewed Rock Fitness – 5 star

Just finished the 6 week Kettlebelle/TRX course....super stuff Barry it was brilliant. No two classes the same....a gym session in each class to say the least! Looking forward to the next course already.

Maggie Ni Riain reviewed Rock Fitness – 5 star

Great classes with great results... And the trainer isn't the worst either

Sarah Wilson reviewed Rock Fitness – 5 star

Just finished the 5 week body transformation and signed up for the next one too. I was a bit hesitant to do it as I hadn't done any exercise bar walking in a long time but I'm delighted I did! TRX is tough but good fun and you feel brilliant after it, I actually looked forward to the next one! Barry is very helpful and good at explaining each rep. I've lost inches from everywhere, I feel much stronger and have loads more energy too! I'd highly recommend it to anyone, you'll be amazed at the results!

Grace Clarke reviewed Rock Fitness – 5 star


Just finished the 5 week body transformation course with Rock Fitness and am completely thrilled with the results! Did 3 classes a week, a mixture of TRX and kettlebell classes, and couldn't recommend them highly enough. I threw a spinning class once a week in there too for a bit of extra cardio! I love how every single class is completely different and targets every area on your body. Barry pushed us all to our maximum potential and always manages to get around every one to ensure our technique is correct! The support he gives with nutrition is also great. Now, at 8% body fat less that I was 5weeks ago, and 3 and a half inches off my waist, I'm feeling stronger than ever and I've even been able to start using the yellow 16kg kettlebell, something I never EVER thought I'd be able for!! Looking forward to the next 5 week course to see where that will take me! Seriously, get signed up, best exercise class out there!