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Lean Fit 6 Male Camp 

My PT programme takes all the frustrating guesswork out of the important aspects of building a better looking body 

Getting in shape requires two things 

1. Knowing what to do 

2. Being consistent 

Every personal fitness plan includes the following:

  • Tuesday and Thursday 8.15pm and Saturday 8am 
  • 3 sessions a week x 6 weeks 
  • 18 sessions 
  • RF App Personal Profile 
  • Complete Body Composition Profile including measurements, BF % & BMI
  • Home & Gym Workouts 
  • Weekly Schedule Breakdown for 6 weeks 
  • Personalised training plan
  • Personalised nutrition plan with zero food restrictions 
  • Assess to 24/7 trainer support
  • Weekly Facebook Group 

Dep. Lean Fit 6 Male Camp